Worked with agencies, creatives and strategists

David Wethey has spent a business lifetime travelling the world in commercial creativity.

David Wethey

As an ad agency leader (for 20 years) and a client-side consultant (Agency Assessments International for the last 30), he has worked with the biggest brands, and the best agencies, creatives and strategists. He managed agencies in London, Southern Europe and SE Asia. He has run projects or been a guest speaker in nearly 40 countries.

The author

He writes books to help individuals achieve more, and businesses to be more successful. He identifies much more with inquirers and transformers, than acquirers and transactors. He is passionate about ideas, and hopes The Very Idea will inspire every reader to become an Idea Hero (a person who generates plenty of ideas and helps make other people’s ideas better) and a believer in Idea Economics.

The Very Idea

David previously wrote two business bestsellers.

Public speaking

He is available for interview – also a popular speaker. He has written more than 200 blogs for The Marketing Society over many years, and has been frequently published in Market Leader, Campaign and other journals in the world of marketing and communications, here and overseas.

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